Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mga Apdeyts: Sa Aking Pagbabalik

Matapos ang halos dalawang buwang hindi paggalaw sa blog na ito, naisipan ko ring mag-update sapagkat sabaw na ako sa Calculus, Solimen at Anageom, wala na akong social life at kinakailangan ko nang magsulat muli. Kaya heto, sa aking pagbabalik, inihahandog ko sa inyo ang panibagong nobelang aking isusulat. Kagaya pa rin ng dati, anumang tao, lugar at pangyayari na makakasama rito ay pawang kathang-isip lamang at  walang anumang relasyon sa totoong tao, lugar at pangyayari nabubuhay man o hindi.

Call of Duty

          Faye Crillethorne is not your ordinary college girl. Behind that introverted demeanor lies a mysterious secret only few knows. Though it may seem as if she is  the type to be helplessly bullied, think again. Bryan McArthre is not you ordinary college guy. The fact that he only wears t-shirt and jeans is a complete mockery of who he really is. Then Fate comes along to make both of them curse the life they lead up until now. Faye works for a secret mafia unrecognized by the government. Given the last mission, she deemed it easy. But when she met Bryan, she realized she could not do it anymore.

"I never wished for this life... I just want to be normal." - Bryan McArthre

"I knew you'd be mine soon, and I know you can't and will never resist me." Nicoli Meingarde

"He just said "bullshit"." - Faye Crillethorne

''Is it intimacy when a lady punches you in your pretty face?" - Patrick Dela Fuente

"What did they see in him anyway? He is not like the hotties in commercials, nor the body builders in gyms! In fact, he's nothing but a lanky teen forgotten by puberty." - Faye Crillethorne

"It's probably the money." - Jayne Dinnar

          Come and join as we witness what Fate served this star-crossed lovers at the end of their final tryst.


          I KNOW! EPIC FAIL ANG PREVIEW! Pero kasi kailangan ko pang gumawa ng assignment, so, tiis na lamang. Salamat at sana tunghayan ninyo ang istoryang ito. :)

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