Monday, February 24, 2014

Counting My Blessings # 2

          Just last week, the day after my first visit to Feast Amorsolo, I was already blessed. I couldn't let the incident pass and I even wrote it on my phone's memo pad to keep the memory alive. And simply because I have bad memory. So, here is my story.

          Just last week, Thursday I think, I had money crisis. I had 250 PhP in my wallet, with some side extra money that I saved from the previous weeks. My van fee was 70 pesos so I paid 120 pesos to the dispatcher and I got a 50 peso change. The 20 pesos was from the extra stash. Well, it's not really crisis if I just stayed hungry for breakfast and pig out during lunch. But I was really hungry so I bought food from mini stop. My bill was around 100+ since I have only 150 pesos left, I used the last 100 pesos from my stash, because the rest were just 20 peso bills. It was my last large bill because I gave the other 100 pesos to Feast Amorsolo during the offering. And then I prayed to God saying, 'Lord, mukhang kulang na pera ko. Sana hindi ako maka-gastos ng bongga sa lunch.' Well, the food being served here in Jolly Jeep of Ate Tina are very tasty and cheap. I could get adobo and rice for just 55 pesos or so. The vegetable serving is just 20 pesos, sometimes 15 pesos, depending on the vegetable. Lunch time came and the head HR reminded me that I would accompany them for an ocular visit of the venue for a marketing event. And the whole lunch thing was out of my mind. I was like, okay, we'd go and then I'll just have late lunch later. I was with my supervisor, too.

          After the ocular, the three of us entered Greenbelt mall and free lunch dawned on me. I was like, lucky day! We had sotanghon soup and grilled bangus at Reyes Barbeque. After eating, the boss treated us frosty from Wendy's. So, I was a totally happy kid that time. When I settled myself in the PUV going home, I took my wallet to pay the fare. Then, I saw 150 pesos in my wallet. I was confused because I didn't know where I got this money. Then, it dawned on me: God answered my prayer. I was repeating Praise the Lord in my head all the way and it took me a while to overcome the feeling of blessedness. I only consumed the 100 pesos and the remaining 50 pesos was the only bill left for me. During the Feast Amorsolo, I learned about tithing - giving 10% of my weekly allowance for the lord. After computation, my tithing money weekly is 150 pesos and thus, the 50 pesos remaining was the one I gave to the Holy Mass last Sunday.

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