Monday, March 3, 2014

Counting My Blessings # 3

          I'm blessed once more by our weekly bible study with Sherwin. And really, God is also like BDO. He find ways. The week I experienced this (Feb 25), he had to go to Surigao for some training shizz with our clients. Since our bible study is always Thursdays, 6-7pm, we had to adjust the bible study on the said date, Tuesday. I was really hoping for a longer bible study because an hour is so not enough to tackle the module he prepares plus our sharing part.

          As part of my spiritual healing, I am very thirsty for any information about Jesus. I wanted to know him more and more and of course to have a better understanding of His plans for me. And I believe I am getting what I need through this bible study, plus the prayer meeting done by Makati Feast Amorsolo every Wednesday. Just last week, I heard some of the teachings of ADD and considering I have a renewed armor of faith and knowledge about the teachings in the Bible, I was kind of unsettled by what I heard. As advised by Sherwin, we can take note of what the teachings says and share it during the Bible study. The afternoon before this bible study, I was hesitant about telling it to him for some reasons I could not really comprehend. But suddenly, I just blurted it out to him, in the middle of a meeting, no less, and I realized I've done the right thing. He also needed to prepare for this. Silly me.

         During the bible study, I was able to share the blessings I have received and it was an exhilarating experience for me to be able to find Jesus in my life. During this time as well, I was able to clarify my questions regarding the bible, particular on the Gospels. And the fact that I am able to hear other's opinions regarding it makes it even more meaningful. Some of the things that remind me to be thankful to the Lord.

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