Monday, March 3, 2014

Counting My Blessings # 4

          One of the things I always look forward to during Wednesday is the fact that it is the middle of the week. Meaning just two more days of torture and finally a two-day break. Another thing, it is the day when I and my friends go to Makati Feast Amorsolo. I kind of regretted not going waay before. But I am happy I'm with my two best friends all the time. So, we met at McDo Ayala and grabbed something to eat. That time, I was planning on FINALLY eating BigMac (I've seriously yearned for this meal since I saw my friend Bryan eating it and NOT FINISHING THE WHOLE THING. That rich guy. :( And it is what he always orders. ) because I got a McDO discount of BigMac for only 95pesos. And it's a meal already. But then I got guilty because Sheena only ate an apple and whole grain biscuit that time. She said it was for her dress for Harvest of Winners. And then I thought, I also had to do that. So I ate 3/4 of the BigMac and barely enjoying it (because it wasn't that good while knowing it stores loads of fats in my body every time I chew) and gave the remaining 1/4 to Sheena.

          During the Feast, we were a bit late because Bro. Jan already started speaking. We also missed the usual opening song and prayer before the speech proper. Anyways, the Feast talked about the 8 areas of our lives in which God wants us to be wealthy. There were eight of them: Faith, fire, family, friends, faculties, fun and finance. But the top four which had the impact to me the most were: Faith, Family, Friends and Fitness. God wants us to be rich in our faith in Him so that when persecutors are suing us, we are well-equipped with the right armor and weapon to protect ourselves. It had an impact on me because it was exactly what happened to me. When I accepted Jesus in my life and totally surrendered to Him, I strengthened my faith in Him. And when other people from other religions criticize my religion, I just elegantly lift my thick left eyebrow in my mind and take note of what they were saying. Unlike before, I was really ready to change into their religion. God wants us to be rich in our family life. Bro. Jan just said the line with perfect timing to some of my pondering (warning: not verbatim): "Kung nagka-emergency kayo sa pamilya niyo, go. Unahin mo sila. Kanina may nagpaalam sa akin ng, 'Bro. Jan, pasensya na hindi muna ako makakapunta sa Feast kasi nagkasakit anak ko,' and ang sabi ko, 'Go. Mas importante 'yan." It's not that we are prioritizing first our family over Jesus because when we accept Jesus, we are already putting Him first in our lives. Nothing can ever dethrone Him there. And I was really inspired to be a family girl. To spend time with them more often especially when the drag and drone of work/school gets into our skin. Another thing, God wants us to be rich in our friends. First, be a friend to others. Make sure you can be a friend to anyone before making friends. And then, it's not that we are being judgmental but WE SHOULD CHOOSE OUR FRIENDS. If our friends prevents us from being fruitful, then they're not good. You may choose to help them change their way of life or simply stop associating with them. But choose friends who help you grow. Who will inspire a change for your own betterment. These should be our friends. And then Sheena said, 'Tama nga. Hindi porke't naaawa ka sa tao o mukha siyang kawawa, e, kakaibiganin mo na lang.' and this really got me thinking. Lastly, God also wants us to be rich in our physical fitness. That's the time I really decided on my path to physical healing. I put it in my Novena booklet so that I could pray for it and finally put it into action.

          During the offering again, I put in my tithe but only the amount my heart is willing. I also wrote in my prayers at the back of the envelope to at least experience Lasallian Excellence Awards night. With the leaflet, there was a check signed by God from the Bank of Providence. The catch in there is this: Ask God - put in the exact amount that you wanted to get and when do you want to get it. It was hard for me because Bro. Jan said, if you want 10 Million, then put it in there. God does not run out of wealth. He also shared that those who wrote in there had received what they asked. Wow. Instant millionare. Lol. So, I thought hard. At first I wanted to wrote 1 Million and I would receive it on my birthday this year. But it got me thinking on what would I do with 1 Million. When I couldn't find any rationale since I was thinking only of myself, I put in a smaller amount and prayed for it. I prayed for what I would do with that amount and there. I still have yet to receive it. Though I got kind of sad since I was thinking only of myself. I hope there would be another chance for it.

          The Feast, as always ended with a blast. We all went home together and parted ways at Buendia. When I got home, I opened my FB in iPad to check on some notifications when a particular news hit me: My activity was a finalist for HOW. Oh my. And it was really, really shocking for me because I just asked God that I wanted to at least attend one LEA night. And wow. I was heard. I really jumped all over the house in joy and I even told my story to my mom and she was delighted. Blessed indeed.


Goshen said...

Thank you for the post!I have always been taught to ask God for the things I need, and that He is indeed ready and willing to bless us when we ask him with sincerity. His love is certainly always there for us, whether we feel that we deserve it or not. Here is a link for a really good article written about how we can better come to love God on our end that I think yo will like.

Mary Anne De Jesus said...

Hi Goshen! Thank you as well. I hope we are continually inspired to praise him, in our rises and falls.