Friday, December 3, 2010

A Short Interlude for All the Updates

 *Canon in C Major Violin plays in background*

         Okay, here I am again, the author and co-author of the works posted in this simple blog. I do want to stress on the fact that just because I posted an interlude it means the current story is going to be on hiatus. No. I'd like to blog, that is all. Oh, just to make it clear, I'm doing the Chapter 4 at the moment. So, no worries. I am here for two things: 1) To give updates about the stories I ceased at the moment 2) To give my readers a piece of my mind again. No, I'm not pissed or anything, but, some food for thoughts.

          To start off, Love Tales Collection is a collection of short stories (maximum of 3 chapters) made of sudden inspiration from authors who wished to collaborate with me. I can also put my  own there, with different characters and all. So, basically, the collection is purely circling in the world of romance. It won't have a limit unless the author/s involved decides to close it after gathering enough stories.

          Secondly, Romantic Reincarnations Trilogy will have two more chapters in order to be declared finish. The second to the last chapter still needs polishing, and the last chapter needs a strong idea. Inception much? Nah. At the moment, I shall hold it to give way to the current story I am writing.

          Third, Pirated Love Story is finished. I plan not to put additional chapters.

          Fourth, I have an avid reader for Not Your Ordinary Fairy Tale, and the next time he stalks my blog, I want him to know I am eternally grateful that he liked a crappy story like that. The fact that he is waiting for the next chapters makes me guilty of doing the story halfheartedly. So, for the next chapters, I will really give my full attention.

          Lastly, Call of Duty is NOT the game itself. I don't play the game, my brothers do, and I don't really fancy those type of games. Although, I have to admit I was hooked on DoTA. Plus, I'd like to clarify that this is a work of fiction. Names, places, events presented in this novelette is purely from the author's imagination. Any resemblance to real people, places and events is purely coincidental. (Um, tapos um-extra si Alter Ego ko, ginawang mala-DIFFCAL 'yung disclaimer: This is a product of a fiction's limit as infinity. Names, places, events curved in this novelette is purely derived from the author's imagination. Any resemblance to real people, places and events are asymptotic to the truth and is limited as the fiction approaches the novelette. = MAJOR FAIL)

          And this is where my update stops. Time for a new sentiment.

*music stops*


*Seasons of Love by RENT Artists plays*

          I came across a blog of someone who added me in Facebook. Yeah, I remember her. She got two blogs, one for stories and one for random journal entries. I couldn't access the stories part so I left it and went to her other blog. The first thing that greeted me was that big Jho! on top of the page. Didn't seem surprise at that since it is a stereotypical design. I browsed through her blog and I noticed something. It was full of life, metaphorically speaking. The colors, the simple design itself and the things that were posted there. I found out she was just any normal teen who has nothing but her blog to listen to her cries and sentiments in he absence of a friend. For friends aren't always there when you think you need them. They also have their lives to worry about. 

          Back on topic, I read a snippet of the most recent post she had. It was something about being on the honor roll, and trying to keep it constant. Then, at the middle part of the body, there was something about not being on the honor roll, at least no fail. Then, I realized the real beauty of the blog. I stand my ground on the statement that the true beauty of the blog lies not solely on the decorations and designs of the template used, but the content of the blog and how one digs up his imagination to make a monotonous entry full of life. I think I gained an insight as to how to decorate my posts - not necessarily the stories since I am a bitch when it comes to uniformity. That said, I'll try to dig my imagination, too, to decorate my posts.

          That concludes the short musical interlude.

*music stops*