Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mga Nararapat na Abangan sa Nalalapit na mga Linggo

Magandang araw!

Narito po ako ngayon upang ipaalam sa inyong lahat kung ano ang mga aabangan ninyo sa mga susunod na linggo. Nais ko pong iparating na mayroon akong mga kwento isusulat sa Filipino para ipalaganap ang pagiging makabayan ng isang batang Pilipino sa larangan ng malikhaing pagsusulat.

Narito na po ang mga pamagat ng mga maiikling kwento na inyong aabangan:

1. The Necklace
2. The Last 4 letters + unsent letters of the story "Love Letters"
3. Koleksiyon ng Maiikling Kwento ni Ciel (Apat na Bahagi)



Sunday, July 25, 2010

World's Apart

World's Apart

Far from the clutches of the painful reality
I had tried to hold on to the best of my ability
Hold on to the thought of someday you would see
How much you were dearly loved by me.

I had dreamed about you countless times
I didn't know how to express it; should I do a pantomime?
The moment I saw your angel-carved face
I knew you had my heart tied into a silky lace.

But we were born from different worlds - so far apart
- Butler and Mistress - both of us should play our part
But love overlooked every fault, did it not?
And someday, somehow, our hearts would be tied by a knot.

As the bells of reality rang once more
It did shake me down to the core
As I opened my eyes to face reality
I saw your face [your angel-carved face] painted with a smile full of honey.

And at that moment I already knew,
The dreams I had were the most subtle clues.

Important Introduction and Trivial Whatnots

To start off, I'm Lolita CiƩlita. It's not my real name but call me Ciel for short. I'm a mere engineering student who has an artsy-craftsy side. I don't know where I've got this talent but I'm sure it started when my mom read fairy tales for me at night. I've written stories before but then I don't know where in my room are they. They were probably eaten by my dog =_=

Just to inform everyone, this blog is inspired by Danica (go to the previous post) so it's mainly talking about stories and poems. I may put snippets of poetry/quotations/lines from a reading material and blabber something about it once in a while. Well, there's that.

As always.

With eternal Love,


Saturday, July 24, 2010

A New Blog Once Again

Okay. So, I'd been to blogs before but I stopped because I suddenly lost interest. And now, I'm into one again. ;D I've been inspired by my good and genius friend, Danica, so go check her stories and poems ;D I personally recommend The Lost Photograph. It's a favorite. :D

See you  soon!

With eternal Love,