Sunday, July 25, 2010

World's Apart

World's Apart

Far from the clutches of the painful reality
I had tried to hold on to the best of my ability
Hold on to the thought of someday you would see
How much you were dearly loved by me.

I had dreamed about you countless times
I didn't know how to express it; should I do a pantomime?
The moment I saw your angel-carved face
I knew you had my heart tied into a silky lace.

But we were born from different worlds - so far apart
- Butler and Mistress - both of us should play our part
But love overlooked every fault, did it not?
And someday, somehow, our hearts would be tied by a knot.

As the bells of reality rang once more
It did shake me down to the core
As I opened my eyes to face reality
I saw your face [your angel-carved face] painted with a smile full of honey.

And at that moment I already knew,
The dreams I had were the most subtle clues.

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