Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rantings of Trivial Matters Part I

Well, I think I do deserve the right to rant right now. Since my last blog and that was dated July 5, 2013, I had not a time for myself except after finishing workloads after workloads of school requirements. That time, my friends, is only when I sleep. Sometimes, I do not sleep at all. I don't care. I want to sleep. Like sleep for a full 24 hour span. With no interruptions, I may add.

So many things happened. Here I am sounding like a vague oracle who never really see anything clear in her crystal ball of insanity. I mean, paperworks, projects, project, paperworks. Seriously. Our professors are ganging up on us. I am so very inclined to think that they have conspired with each other secretly (probably in the old and abandoned elevator of Br. Connon Hall, don't you think so?). Everything is overlapping with each other that I truly wish I can do Kagebunshin technique of Naruto. No, I haven't read Naruto and I wish I can start now because most of my friends are reading it. Even our faculty adviser who constantly share the manga updates.


Meh, this is part 1. I will be doing part 2 later at home.

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