Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thick Blue PLDT Books (Frustrations of a Stressed College Student)

It was such a long, long week. First term was like a breeze passing through. You could not really say it was long, rather, too short for a semester. But that is what makes La Salle a different school from the others. The lessons were very quick in terms of being discussed. It was like three topics were discussed in one sitting. You could not really understand the lesson unless you review it at home, which I failed to do. As a result, I had a hard time with Engineering Trigonometry.


I am an over-stressed Engineering student, and I feel like posting a blog or two about my course. This is the only way to release all my frustrations, perhaps. Better yet type it down while harassing the keyboard. It will forgive me, somehow. This is one of the times I would be forever thankful to air-conditioned computer shops, understanding keyboards and my expensive best friend: Starbucks(R) Coffee Caramel Frappé... whatever it is called!


I've seen these thick blue books in the glass bookshelf of ours at home for like 16 years already. For 15 years, the books remained a mystery to me. But I do peek in once in a while when pops was not looking and it read PLDT manuals and other things. I wanted to ask my dad but I learned from him that everything is not taught, so I literally racked my brains about its purpose... But sadly, I did not find out. I left it as it is, believing that the future will bring answer.

During my childhood days, I really wanted to be an astronaut. I'm like crazy for any news and discoveries about the outer space. Not to brag about it, but I excel in Science. My mom was my relatively Science teacher, although her forte is accounting. Fed up by my frequent queries, she bought me a Microsoft(R) Encarta(R) 2007 DVD and had it installed in my computer. I was truly fascinated by that awesome DVD for it contained the answers to my queries. My dream of being an astronaut continued on.

But I discovered a hidden talent of mine: Arts. And my dream of being an astronaut became mere fleeting fragments of my memory. I decided to become a creative writer someday.

However, my perspective in life greatly changed when I stepped into the ladders of Grade Six. I became more practical, for I learned that I have to go to abroad in order to study a course related to being an astronaut. (Heck, I am still having a hard time spelling the cursed word! XD) And my mother told me Editors don't earn much. Then, I found out that Computer Engineering is a good course. I asked my dad about it and he approved of it. So, all of my high school life I've dreamed of being a computer engineer. I even had the same preference as my high school crush! It was like heaven.

But, when I was applying for UP and De La Salle, my father saw a course called ECE. Then he exclaimed, "Ate, ito na lang kunin mo. Matutulungan kita diyan!" And I was like "Huh? Ok..." But my preference was still Comp Eng. I was convinced when I talked to a grade school crush that I should choose ECE over Comp Eng. So, the moment was like "kilig to the bones" and I was persuaded slightly. Then, my uncle and I had a talk over college matters. He asked me what course I chose. Then I said ECE. Then he exclaimed "Bongga ka, ate! Malaki ang sweldo at in-demand kaya yan sa states!" And I was like "whoa?! Wowowee!" And that truly persuaded me to pursue ECE.

The entrance exam was hard. First off, I did not review. I just browsed my textbooks and I even had fever on the day of the exam. I am with my classmate and we were like neophytes in the big campus. I was pressured by my seatmate. Being a competitive person that I am, I somehow managed to get myself competing silently. I made sure to finish before her. But then I realized, take your time, fool.

So, I finished the exam with a huge doubt. I was like shivering every night and not being able to sleep well. I was very anxious to the point that I check the website every three days. Then the day of the results came. I called my classmate and asked her of her status. Sadly, she did not qualify. I hurriedly searched for my test permit which was located somewhere in my room. With the Divine Mercy, I was able to find it and tell my classmate of my ID. Then, she exclaimed, "Sabi na nga ba Anne, e! Pasado ka! First choice, ECE!" OMG! I was like crying and laughing and crying again. And laughing, too. It was like my cold suddenly faded. Then, I ran to my parent's room, almost tripping over and I told them to go to the website. Then, I plugged the test permit and they were like, "WOW!!!" x10. That's the second time my mom hugged me to death and my father acknowledged that I did have the brains despite my poor study habits. They were at tears for they know that the exam was hard and De La Salle is a prestigious school. They even joked about the tuition fee and I joked of shifting to Liberal Arts.

After that, loads of PLDT manuals was given to my by pops. I was like, whoa. Halt! It will be just basics this year. Then he reasoned out, "kung sinisimulan mo na yan, e 'di advanced ka na!" I sighed and started browsing through the thick books.

One thing I did realize...

These were the same books that remained a mystery to me!

I was like gaping at the books before me. Never had I foreseen the day I will be the one who will hold these books in my hands, let alone know of their purpose. My father told me that these were the manuals he used when he was in Infanta PLDT. They were each given a copy and they were to study these in order to respond to the problems of their customers. Father's work was just to sit around, play pc games and respond to the boss if he's calling. Well, that's interesting. 8D

So, I'm reaally, reaally thankful that I got guts to actually take engineering, with the fact that I don't like Math and I SUCK at Math. But that will never stop me from achieving my dream of being an engineer. One last thing that URGED me to continue: ECE is my father's dream course and I am to fulfill it for him. I failed him lots of times before, but I will not this time. It's my chance to prove him I can be someone. So, do our best and God will do the rest!


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