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It All Started with an Earring Pt. 1

It All Started With an Earring

Chapter One

And think not you can direct the course of love. For love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course.

"The pirates have arrived here! Strike my soldiers!" General Ibara shouted as he and his soldiers attack the pirates.

"Princess Keira! General Ibara, the princess is missing!" Vladimir, one of the princess's bodyguards, came to deliver the ill news.

"How could you let something like that to happen? Argh!" He mused to himself.

"Whatever the case, I'll find her. For now, join my soldiers, Vladimir!"

Vladimir instantly obeyed then Ibara left.

Somewhere in a dark corner of a market, there stood a lady. 'That's so unfortunate of me to encounter the pirates here. But at least I enjoyed myself earlier.' Keira, the ever-so optimistic princess, thought in slight annoyance. Just then, a shadow towered over her.

"Are you lost, fair lady?"

Keira turned her head and saw a man with blonde hair and ruby red eyes. Then she smiled politely at the off-duty naval officer. "Good sir, I'm not lost. It's just I'm caught up in the middle of a battle and I can't go home. But, I don't want to go home yet anyway." The young soldier smiled back.

"I see. Well, pardon me for doing this if you really desire not to go back yet." He leaned more closely and kissed her forehead for a second.

'Where could the princess be?' Ibara thought anxiously as he ran. 'The princess is good in hiding and excellent in disguising! How am I able to find her at this situation?' Ibara suddenly stopped when he came across a corner. 'Gah! That soldier is making out in the middle of the battle.' Ibara thought in disgust as he ran off, not wanting to see what happens next.

"There, I think you're safe now." The soldier backed away to give her space.

"Uh...Thanks. But, who are you?"

The soldier chuckled. "You may call me Alex."

Keira smiled. "Thank you very much again for helping me out, Mr. Alex."

Alex waved his hand. "No worries. And stay away from bad guys, okay?"

The princess nodded obediently. "Thank you. And see you!" Keira waved at the walking figure of the soldier. Minutes later, the battle ended. Keira decided to hide in one of the barrels of potatoes. In no time, she fell asleep. As she woke up, she heard some mumbles and voices of men. 'It smells like...the ocean...' She thought as she slightly opened her right eye.

"This girl sure is a beauty." One voice spoke out loud.

"Yeah, she's one of a kind." Another one spoke.

"Shut up. We still don't know anything about her." The third guy spoke. After the heated conversation of those three, Keira woke up. The third guy with the name of Meynard saw this and turned to his two other companions.

"Hey bastards, you woke the girl up."

Keira rubbed her eyes. "Uh...good sirs, where are we? Can you drop me off at the next harbor?" She rubbed her eyes again.

"Unfortunately, this ship doesn't stop at any places. Welcome aboard, Princess Keira. I'm Captain Shierean." Keira's eyes went wide as saucers. 'Was he really Alex who saved me? But...Shierean is a notorious pirate!' She thought in fear.

"Seriously captain, is this really a princess?" The pirate named Starlk asked in disbelief.

"This is a lie!" Keira shouted at Alex."What about the navy uniform a while ago?" Just then, she realized she was tied up.

"On land, I have to wear my disguise." Shie smirked at her.

"Hey, my son was killed because of your father!" The guy called Mayuri pulled at her hair.

"And because of you royals, I lost my best friend!" Starlk pushed her until she collided with the wall. Mayuri still held her hair when Shie spoke.

"Release her." Mayuri looked at him.

"Don't make me repeat myself, idiot. We don't need you in this ship that badly." With those words, Mayuri backed away from her. Then he approached her.

"From this day, she's my woman. Everyone who wants her must go through me."

Keira laid on the bed, her hands still tied up. She heard the door open but she didn't move an inch. "I'm going to cut the rope. And don't you even dare fight with me!" When the rope was cut, Keira rubbed her sore wrist.

"Just like a princess, very gentle in manners." She felt his breath so near her ear. When she was about to move forward to stay away from him, he attached an earring to her right ear.

"This shall prove you're mine and no one would dare touch you or anything." He patted her head. "There is a couch nearby. You could use it." Without a word, Keira dashed to the couch. The couch was soft and she fell asleep already. The next morning, Keira was in a really bad mood.

"So, is the captain very gentle?" Mayuri teased her. 'What the hell? Ah, so this earring is to prove I have done perverted things with him! Well I didn't!' She thought furiously.

"Take back what you've said" She ordered them.

"What?" The two of them chorused. Amused, Starlk and Mayuri teased her again and again and again.

Thunk! "Alright you guys need to peel these potatoes in an hour before dinner time." The three of them cried waterfall tears.

"That's not very nice chef." They chorused.

"Shut up and go to work!" Then he turned to Keira.

"You, go and help clean the deck." Keira left without a word. At around six o'clock, Keira goes inside Shie's cabin.

"Uh...Captain, may I have some clothes. It got wet..." Shie approached her and dried her hair.

"What were you doing?" Shie asked, still drying her hair.

"Uh...I was moping and unfortunately, a flying bucket of water splashed to me..." Shie handed her the clothes.

"Why were you mopping?" Keira pretended not to hear it and she dashed inside the bathroom.

Six months had passed by and she enjoyed herself very much at the ship. Everyone is nice with her now. Then, everything changed one foggy morning. She was confused with the actions of Starlk, Mayuri and Meynard. When she got out of the cabin, she saw Shie standing at the deck.

"Oh, so they took their time dressing you up." Keira nodded, still sleepy.

"They dressed me up with the dress I wore when I first came here." Shie chuckled.

"Yes. It seems your country is planning on a surprise attack." With those words, she felt herself awaken.

"You're kidding... I don't want to leave you here!" She muttered. However, she stopped as she saw him wearing the uniform again.

"No I'm not. I have to wear this to confuse the enemy. And no, you are not meant to be here. You are a princess and I am a pirate. We are from different worlds. So, when the battle started, I wanted you to change ships." At that single moment, she looked with regret at the back of the captain.

'Maybe I'm a nuisance here after all. Besides, I never did anything right.' She ran to the main deck and saw that the battle had started. Raucous cries filled the air around the ship. Not so long, Shie did kill an enemy soldier. Scarlet liquid oozed out of the poor soldier's mouth as he fell on the deck. Then, another soldier charged towards Shie. The scene there was traumatic for a child. Blood could be seen everywhere. However, Keira summoned up all her courage and ran towards Shie.

"Shie, go this way!" She held his opponent but he was far stronger so she was pushed right on the wall. She realized that the earring fell into the water. 'The earring...I must get it.' She jumped into the ocean without a second thought. 'Ah, I finally got it.' However, she was not able to move her legs because of her clothes. 'Mmpf…Must….go…to…sur…face…be… fore…air…runs…out-ah…' She ran out of air and finally let herself sink into the depths of the ocean, holding the earring tightly in her left blacking out, she heard a splash.

When she woke up, she felt the warm covers of the bed.

"What were you thinking, diving in the ocean?"

Keira gripped the sheets.

"You could've died back there. And it was all for that stupid earring!"

In no time, she was crying silently. Then, she threw the earring at him.

"There, take it back! I don't even want it!" She sobbed louder. "I could have just left it there! Let it sank into the depths of the ocean. But still, what did I do? I didn't even know what the blazing inferno urged me to dive back there, retrieve that cursed thing and put myself in grave danger! You have no idea-" She hiccupped loudly and she rubbed her eyes.

"You aren't by any chance in love with me, are you?"

Before she could reply, she heard the door slam open, revealing a woman.

"Hello, Shie~"

End of Chapter

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