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It All Started with an Earring Pt. 2

Chapter Two

Though there may be obstacles, love will always and forever prevail.

The woman was very beautiful. She got a golden curly hair, which was soft to the touch and it smelled like a rose. She got natural rosy cheeks and ruby red lips. She's almost as beautiful as the goddesses themselves. However…
"It's been a while, Shie! How are you? Are you fine? Is everything alright?" She batted her long and black eyelashes at him, trying to seduce him. However, Shie showed no sign of being tempted.
"May you consider not being loud, Lady Monique? Let's talk outside. You're disturbing my lady." He gestured towards the lady on the bed. She looked where Shie was gazing.
"Oh. I didn't know." She looked at Keira with an icy stare and smiled seductively at Shie's direction. "Come on, Shie! Get your business done with her and let's talk outside! Or maybe, you're planning to-" She wasn't able to finish her sentence when Keira butted in.
"Shie, go now. I can handle myself. I'll just sleep for now." Then, she turned her back on Shie and buried herself in the comforters with Shie's scent.
"Are you sure, my lady?" Shie touched her head and leaned towards her.
He heard a reply from Keira. "Sleep well." He kissed her forehead. This greatly surprised Monique. "Let's go." Shie led the way out of the cabin.
Once outside, Monique grabbed Shie's collar.
"Are you by any chance in love with her?" She was glaring at him as if she could melt his body with her eyes. On the other hand, he's just looking at her ever so coolly which only unnerved her so much.
"What will you do if I say yes, my lady?" He replied coldly.
"Argh!" She let him go. Shie flattened the crumpled part of his dress. "You pick such a lame girl! Why don't you hit on me? I am pretty. I am rich. And your life will be better in my arms!" She sat on the couch.
"…" He remained silent.
Monique just glared at him.
"Anyway, what brings you here?" Shie broke the awkward silence.
"Oh yes. My father allowed me to marry now. And he said I'm free to choose anyone I wish to marry. So I got here to tell you that. However, I have a feeling that it won't be that easy to persuade you. So, I might as well stay here for the time being." She grinned evilly at Shie. Shie just smiled at her in return.
While the two sat quietly in the living room of the ship, Monique tried striking a conversation.
"So what's your favorite dish?" She looked dreamily at him.
"I eat anything that is edible." He replied while reading a book, not bothering to look at her.
"What do you usually read?" She asked while eyeing the book he was holding.
"Random books I pick up in my bookshelf." He replied, still not looking at her.
A moment of silence passed again.
"Argh! I can't take it anymore! That's it! What did that ugly hag possesses which I do not?" She boomed at him.
Shie closed his book and finally looked at her. "A lot of things, my lady, a lot of things." He replied.
"What the fuck? Care to enumerate them all?" She glared at him.
"Innocence, natural beauty, light aura, pure heart-" He was cut off so rudely.
"I DO POSSES NATURAL BEAUTY!" She boomed at him once more.
"No you don't. You always wear make-up, which could cover up your natural beauty." He opened once more his book.
"I meant there was the "innocence of seduction". She was innocent that she was actually seducing men. Unlike others who were so obvious in seducing men." Shie replied at her coldly. Before she could reply another sentence, they heard a loud commotion outside. Then, a wounded soldier banged inside the cabin.
"Captain! Urgh! Captain…there are enemies outside…" Then, the soldier passed out.
"Stay here." He ordered at Monique.
Monique was suddenly terrified so she can only nod in agreement. Shie went out to battle. Not so long, Keira walked up to the living room. There she saw Monique looking stiff.
"Where's Shie?" She asked sleepily.
"I don't know." She glared at her. Although, she was in fear, she managed to lie to her. Then, Keira suddenly twitched.
"Shie…" At the mutter of his name, she immediately ran to the fireplace and grabbed a display sword.
"H-hey, you hag! Where are you going?" Keira paused in front of the doorstep.
"I'm going to drown myself." She smirked at her direction before going out.
"HEY! H-how dare you?" Once again, she was left there.
After thirty minutes, Shie and Keira were still not back yet. 'What could've happened to Shie?' She wondered worriedly while she opened the door to the deck. The place was awfully quiet. 'Where are they?' Suddenly, an arm held her. Her heart suddenly thumped.
"WAAA! Help me!" She burst into tears.
"Ha! Ha! Now, Shie and your lover come out now or your friend will die! Bwahahaha!" The man was laughing maniacally while he held poor Monique.
"Help me!" Monique wailed in agony.
"Hyaaa!" Keira, who attacked him from behind, knocked off the man. The man accidentally let go of Monique. Keira lost her balance because of the impact so she fell on the deck. Monique ran away from the scene. The man got up quicker than Keira so he managed to grab Keira and made her a hostage.
"Your little friend escaped my grip and now I have you lover. If you don't give what I wanted, then she'll die in three seconds.
"Ugh." Keira wailed in agony. However, Shie showed himself.
"Oh man. Of all the people, you should not have taken her as a hostage."
"What do you-ugh!" He was knocked off from his position and fell down with a broken nose and a bleeding forehead.
"I think I might need a long and cold shower after this. Tsk. Those oily hands marring my skin with bruises." She rubbed the bruised arms delicately and smirked at the fallen pirate. "Serves you right."
But the pirate managed to stand up and took Keir's foot. Because no one anticipated this, the pirate was able to drag her with him and jump in the ocean. Shie recovered quickly and followed the pirate. But a foot came out of nowhere and he tripped on it.
"Just leave her alone!" Shie stood up with the scariest glare and threw the glare at Monique. "One thing she possesses that you do not: She's ready to die for anybody, even her mortal enemy." With that, he jumped off from the ship.
'Urgh. Why do I felt like I banged my head on a wall?' She slowly opened her eyes and stare briefly at the person in front of her.
"Shie…?" She suddenly sat up and felt a pang of pain in her head. "Oww…" She fell back to the bed.
"Don't sit up now. You're still weak. You've been asleep for two days already. I was so worried that you might not wake up." Shie showed great concern for Keira.
"And what if I didn't?" She asked with a smirk on her face.
Shie just fell silent.
"By the way, where is Monique?" She inquired while looking around.
"She went back to her home." Shie's bangs covered his face. An awkward silence fell around the two. Shie's the first one to break it though.
"You must go back to the palace. The king and queen must've been worried about you." It took a few moments before Keira could reply.
"No." Shie looked at Keira with astonishment seen in his eyes.
"But…" Before he could finish his sentence, Keira added.
"I wasn't important there. My brother was the next heir of the kingdom. They barely notice me there. Ibara and the others were the ones who entertain me most of the time. I love them all. But somehow, I just can't go back…"
Shie just looked at her worriedly.
"Oh yeah. I asked you a question if you're in love with me. Is that a yes or no?" Shie inquired, his heart was beating wildly.
"Ah…Why do you suddenly asked?" She tried escaping Shie's arms. For some reasons, she didn't feel him crawl closer to her.
"No, no, Keira. You must answer it." He smirked at her.
She just looked away and struggled free but Shie took it as a yes.
"That's good to hear." He hugged her. "You know, Ibara and the others weren't the only ones watching over you. I noticed you too." Shie added. "We were born in different worlds so I didn't hold out any hope that we'll be together."
Keira finally stopped struggling.
"And didn't I tell you to stay away from bad guys?"
Keira nodded.
"But not all bad guys are bad guys in all aspects."
Shie chuckled.
"You're a foolish princess for choosing me."
Keira replied back to him. "Whatever. I really wanted to go out of that palace anyway so I don't mind staying here."
The two promised their eternal love for each other with all of their hearts under the soft illumination of the moonlight from the cold moon.

End of Story

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