Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Preview for "Not Your Ordinary Fairy Tale"

Not Your ORdinary Fairy Tale

Crystalys Kingdom (c) @ Mikuni

 What happens when a fairy tale collides with the other fairy tales?

          Queen Lalaine was forgotten to be invited into the party. With all of her righteous rage, she stormed in the castle making a grand entrance. Just like Sleeping Beauty, she cursed the queen's three children and sent the two of them in different parts of the Crystalys Kingdom. How would the two children ever get back to the castle? How would they know they were not common folks but princesses? And the man in their dreams...could they break the spell? Romance, drama, rage, premonition, medieval dukes and duchesses, capricious counts and countesses, vacuous viscounts and viscountesses, wicked wizards and witches, stinky sages, drooling dragons and many more unknown element yet to be discovered all in one tale. This is a story where all of the fairy tales turn to threads to weave another fairy tale that you will surely never ever forget. And what's with that weird looking glass?

 That's what happens.

          What will happen if Alice had a companion? Or if Snow White actually ate poisoned orange rather than an apple? Did Sleeping Beauty have sisters? A fairy tale made up of various fairy tales that will leave your laughing your ass off. Go ahead. Laugh now.

 Tune in for the chapters to come.


...All ladies, gentlemen, barons, dukes, duchess, princes and princesses (and whoever is next) were invited into the grand feast. Everyone wore their best tuxedos and gowns all shimmering with gold, silver and gemstones...


..."You dumbtwits! We were outsmarted by our target!"
He took a ridiculously stupid-looking man and made him peer in the content of the cage.
"Does it look like a damned assassin?"
"No, Sir. I see a rock, sir."...

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