Friday, September 3, 2010

A Short Prologue for this Collection

 Prologue: A Century Ago

I'm Sophia. I'm a mere 16-year old college freshman, and I died of rape and murder. My uncle, the only family I've trusted, raped me, technically speaking one rainy Friday night. Personally speaking, it didn't really matter to me for I loved him. But it was an unrequited love. Blinded by guilt and fear, he attempted to kill me day-by-day. He feared that I would summon the cops and tell them about what he did. But he could not, and he had this habit of leaving the house after every attempts. I began to worry about him more and more. So one Saturday night, I followed him secretly, knowing it was dangerous for any lady to wander in the streets at night. I saw him enter a public inn, and my heart broke into pieces. I wandered aimlessly, tears blinded my eyes as I searched a place to cry out my frustrations. And then a group of five men blocked my way. I tried to fight back, but it was futile. Then I saw him, my uncle. He fought the men valiantly like any other knight. But fate had other plans for he was killed. I saw how he was mercilessly stabbed to death. I was put into a trance, not caring of the rain that soaked my already bloodied clothes. In a matter of seconds, I was being raped by one of them. And my grip on consciousness had already loosened.


My soul, standing in the rain, was looking directly at my body stripped of its dignity. My eyes averted to the other body, my uncle, the love of my life, feeling no pain nor tears that should threaten to fall any minute from now. I'd been at the edge of the human world and the world beyond. Does this mean something more? I closed my eyes felt myself falling apart.

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