Friday, September 3, 2010

The Necklace

Picture is (c) at Danica Azares

Chapter One: The Necklace
Just when you thought you are over her, Fate proves you wrong by giving you a someone who can't love you back. Even worse when Fate rubs it on to your face like a cake, and you'll be tormented by those thoughts at night.

          Shabby parks found in my country were nothing compared to the parks found in Venice, Italy. Who would have thought that this little country embraced by the might of water had these magnificent greenery in its possession?! Italy could truly boast its parks all over the world, without even stepping into number two. There was this garden called Giardino Giusti. it was the perfect place for any family gatherings, or just mere strolling with your loved ones. It had lush trees with abundant leaves, and there were tons of stoned statues of the Roman goddesses. The next garden was Giardinetti Reali, or also known as Royal Gardens. This was built by Napoleon during the early 19th century, for he wanted to have a good view from his nearby offices. This place was truly tranquil and serene. Wooden benches, shady trees and the smell of morning dew were enough to make you last a day, thinking it was barely enough a rest. 

          There were other gardens as well such as, Giardini Pubblici (Public Gardens), Campo Santa Margherita, Chiostro San Francisco della Vigna, Hruska Botannical Gardens and Orto Botanico, but the best garden I had seen was Parco delle Rimembranze (Garden of Remembrance). True enough, it had the same enthralling features as the other mentioned parks. But what made this garden stand out was the little lady in a white blouse and pink checkered vest, with eyes as woeful as her expression with a red balloon in her left hand. She was looking at the sky, but her focus was not the sky per se, instead something beyond it. Something unimaginable as if she was questioning the sky of what she was going through right now. I hurriedly took out my D-SLR camera  and thought of capturing this once in a lifetime scene. I never thought of the day I would actually be inspired to write in the feature section of a famous publication that invited me yesterday. Oh, Fate.

          So, I took a candid shot and got that result, fearing that she might think I was a stalker. I took another shot, discontented with the first one, but it was ten times worse than the former, so I deleted the latter. Then, I felt my foot slip a little, and I saw my leather wallet roll down the small hill I was standing on. I was aghast, for it had a sentimental value. But somehow, gravity was able to anchor it in the earth again as the rolling leather wallet was stopped by a small rock. I immediately ran to it, dusted it off from dirt and put it securely inside my pocket. At that precise moment when I heard a bell ring, I remembered the lady and looked back at the scene. To my surprise, there was only this red balloon she had let go, and her persona was nowhere to be found. I was awe-stricken at the little scene before me. I felt this tingling sensation all over my body as the balloon got higher in the air. She was so mysteriously magical: one minute she was holding a balloon, gloomily looking at the sky, and then the next thing you know she was gone with the wind. It was as if she was nothing more than a distant memory of the past, echoing to the present only to be dissolved in a myriad of fairy dust. A cool breeze kissed my warm cheeks, and I felt the full blast of the tingling sensation. I felt my knees turn to jelly, and my body shivered in the warm autumn afternoon sun. Then, I felt this invisible force that led me into the very spot she had stood on. She was not an illusion, for I saw the crushed patch of grass. I was about to leave the garden when a shiny material caught my eye. I bent down to examine it and it was a necklace.

          This is awfully familiar. I thought suddenly, and as I thought of looking at the lady again in my camera, I found the answer. It was the same necklace she wore and held so dearly as if her very life depended on it. I took the necklace from the patch of grass and brushed off the dirt from it. It was a shiny necklace made of pure white gold. The pendant was heart in shape, and it was brimming of diamond radiance. It was expensive, indeed, I could tell by the cuts of the diamonds in there. But why would she leave such precious item lying on the grass. It was as if she gave away thousands of pesos. The cool wind breeze passed by me again, signaling the forthcoming twilight as the heavens changed from a bright hue to a dark monochrome. I drove home with the thoughts of her, unconsciously hoping that I would meet her again.


          Summer time was over as if it was just an evening mist that lasted for only a night, yet I still could not get her out of my mind. I began mocking Fate once more, thinking that tormenting me with uncertain and cliffhanging thoughts of her would drive me to the edge of my sanity. But it did not. To my dismay, the vicious Philosophy professor entered the doors of learning. I sighed heavily, thinking to myself it was going to be a long day again. She began her usual morning sermon, and my mind began drifting towards her again. It was as if I had come in contact with her. I could tell her perfume, the texture of her skin, the dullness of her eyes, the husk of her sad voice and lastly, her heart-wrenching tears. I longed to comfort her, kiss her tears away, assure her everything was all right...

          I shook my head as my thoughts began progressing to the impossible. Heck, how could I comfort her when we barely knew each other's name, let alone meet each other face-to-face?

          "There'll be a new student righ' now..."

          New student? I could gauge her intro was like an hour! Poor, poor new student.

          "Hey, come on in, Sheena."

          An angel in heaven came down to put every single guy in the classroom at her mercy. To top it all off, she was the same lady I had seen in Italy! Who would have thought of this circumstance... Damn fate scored again.

          "I'm André Purugganan, the class president. Should you have any queries about the house rules, please feel free to approach me, and I shall do the honor of touring you around the campus." He flashed her his trademark smile.

          I waited for her reaction. Any ordinary college girl would faint at this.

          "That is nice of you."

          And she said that with a straight face. She was definitely one of a kind.

          "She's a star scholar of our university." (We'll see your abilities, little missy.)

          I heard the professor's side comment on her statement. This earned an even sourer expression from the lady. But of course what did she care, plus the lady had her back to her. Before the professor could  say anything, she strode towards the seat next to mine and put her bag neatly on the chair while she sat on the remaining space. She smelled of strawberry today. Was it her shampoo? Lotion? Or maybe... ARRGH! I began to see the signs of my perversion. Oh, good Lord...

          "I thought you would be more comfortable with the front seat. Wouldn't tha' secure yer scholarship?"

          That old hag was a real bitch, intimidating the new student. Without further ado...

          "I think she will have her scholarship secured now that I am her seatmate." I smirked at the aghast look on her face that seemed to be bitch-slapped by an invisible bitch hand. She was too shocked to say anything, so she just adjusted her glasses and started the lessons in a really bad mood.


          A minuscule voice whispered a husky "thanks" to my ears. I looked to my side and saw her giving me a slight smile, which I returned. For some unknown reasons, I was smiling all through-out the day. I felt light-headed, and I almost got hit by a car. When I got back home, I saw the dirt y clothes piled up in front of me. There must be something wrong with my body, for I took it and dumped it on the washing machine without being irritated.

          Thanks. That ghostly whisper of her voice reverberated across the room,and I felt the chills down my spine. It was her. She was the reason I was like this. As I went to bed, I drifted off to sleep, dreaming of her all night.

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Lolita Ciélita said...


I'm glad you liked it! I was actually hoping to make it a one-shot, but I couldn't. I realized there was an open-ending so I settled for this first chapter. I know you guys have waited fr this, and I feel so bad for losing my first draft on this. But I do admit this one is better XD The succeeding chapter/s (OH MY GOD, a vision of a trilogy >_<) shall be posted soon. 8D

I am honored that I caught the attention of a veteran writer like you. I actually expected you to merely congratulate me from having this done amidst the projects that are burdened on us. :))

Oh please. Do not say that. The mere fact that you and your graceful presence shed light to my blog has not only made me happy, but also jubilant, for never had I expected that a virtuoso like you would step a foot into my humble abode. Do not be intimidated by this prose, for God knows it is you who is a better writer than I am.

Your review was very heart-warming, and I was truly humbled by your presence. I know you what you wrote was hyperbolic, but, all of the formalities aside, I am truly grateful. :)