Friday, September 3, 2010

Teaser for "A Love Once Upon a 7-11 Shop"

A Love Once Upon a 7-11 Shop
(Lolita Cielita)

Credits to Google

...I smiled bitterly as I breathed the last essence of my soul, falling into the deep and lonely abyss of unconsciousness...

...I'd do what it takes to be with you, once again...even if it meant selling my soul to hell...

          After five scores and two decades, he finally recognized her long lost niece, whom he did not know was in love with him. What would be his reaction if one night he got drunk and did the same thing a century ago? Now that they were together, what would be Fate's move this time? A tragic love story of an uncle and a niece who seemed to have Fate as the hindrance to their love...

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