Saturday, September 4, 2010

Teaser for Part Two of "The Necklace"

Picture is (c) at Danica Azares

Chapter Two: No Such Thing as a Happy Ending
....Wake up, kiddo. We're in the real world where Fate works the other way around. You just have to outsmart him...


...It's not like everyday you got to meet Fate who go with your wishes. Consider this as an open opportunity you only get once in a blue moon...


The Final Installment of "The Necklace."

          Sheena. Her name sang tunes of goodness and graces. I had admired her from afar. We had known each other for the past few months quickly, and she began unraveling herself to me. We became buddies for a while, but we progressed to best friends rather quickly. She was intelligent, definitely worthy of being a scholar. Oh, how I wish she would notice me...

          Tune in for the rest of the collection.

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