Wednesday, November 14, 2012

First Digital Art

Pretty in Penk

I seriously did not know why I named it like that. @_@ This is my first digital art ever. Ever since I got hold of PSCS3 and met people that went by the names of PDGFX, Sandro Ballad, Rheinfalz Musni and RajinNathan, I got started on graphics editing. They generously taught me how to use PSCS3 and all those basic shortcut keys to use. On other occasions, they would give me tutorials about techniques for doing digital graphics. Basically, they are the foundations of my graphic editing skills. And I am ever grateful to them, even at the short time I've been with them.

I was very proud of this work before, since it turned out pretty well for a first time. But now, it only annoys me. Maybe because of the grunge background or the rendered image ;_;

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