Friday, November 2, 2012

Cleaning Laptop 101

For the sake of two new posts, I split my posts.

So today, I have managed to fix my lappie - still has no name huhuhu - and recovered tons of space for my hard drive. TT_TT From an alarming free space of 325 Mb of 148 Gb, now it's:

I deleted my games, unused programs, random documents, installers and reinstalled iTunes (I recovered 48 Gb worth of free space from this). iTunes takes up a lot of space and since I am not gifted with a laptop of 320 Gb, space matters. I still think I need to remove some files yet. And it's a huge relief for me. See my desktop:

Isn't it sweet and clean? Next stop, my external hard drive to clean. :)) And I'm thinking of saving up money for a new 1 Tb hard drive. 500 Gb is so not enough to hold all of my movies and manga and files all at the same time. T_T

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